Blomus, design for the pure life

Pure material

Pure stainless steel is a source of inspiration and fascination for almost all blomus creations. Because it is the solid nature of this high-grade metal that frequently serves as the basis of an idea for a new blomus product, later it will invest that product with its authentic character that you experience in terms of solid weight and an amazingly pure surface.

The reduced formal language of blomus products is consistent with the concept of purity and focus on the essential. They are irresistibly clear and simple in their functionality – each individual item constitutes a pure enrichment of our everyday life. This is pure life from blomus.

Pure design

Where can we still find something truly unique in this day and age? In a world that is increasingly conforming to the norm, the unusual becomes more precious. The desire for uniqueness is great. The blomus brand fulfils this aspiration. It represents the exceptional amongst the mundane, the face that stands out in a crowd.

In their quest for the remarkable, blomus designers have identified a single inexhaustible source of inspiration: the natural world. Elementary forms, solid materials, authentic radiance – these values can be rediscovered in blomus products in many fascinating ways.

Pure quality

blomus products are simply different. Artistic instead of artificial. Modern instead of trendy. Extra-ordinary instead of interchangeable. Their superior class is assured by a passionate adherence to quality management. And last but not least, blomus articles are attractive because they are excellent value for money.